Stillwood (town)

Stillwood is a mining town in the red way. It's about 25 minutes from the cave where our party went on their first adventure.


The Jeweled – Lively tavern. Nessie owns it and Clara works there. It's kind of a hole but our heroes like it.

The Portly Barron – Quieter tavern, owned by Lindal and Lyenna. Carl Turgot and Bertram Bhorum drink here sometimes.

Bertram's Best Provisions – In the main square. Sells provisions for adventurers. Owned by Bertram.

Lyenna's Pocket – A pawn shop, Lyenna will often purchase items you've found in your travels.

Winstrom Orchards Haylock owns this business and can get you lots of great fresh fruit.

3 Brothers CaravanCarl Turgot runs this branch.

Religious Buildings

Temple of Ulaa – far side of town, kept by a sister Mirabel.

Government Buildings

Town Hall – Seat of power (such as it is). Governed by Calvin Gentry with assistance from. Lurline.

Bulletin Board (posts)

The Decree of Identification can be found pasted on the bulletin board in front of the Stillwood Town Hall, as well as various other populated areas in The Free States.


Stillwood (town)

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